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大国崛起 不忘初心

Rise of great powers Do not forget your initiative mind

五千年文化积淀 国宝级徽宝再现

Five thousand years of cultural accumulation, national treasure, national emblem and treasure reappearance


In the 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, there has not been a national seal belonging to the Chinese people. On the occasion of the 70th National Day, the Forbidden City set up the most powerful master lineup, making every effort to create the national seal of the Republic, Guotai Min 'an Hui Bao. This national seal series collection is made of Hetian jade, the first of the national jade, and reproduces the treasure of the Chinese nation-imperial seal culture. Qin Shihuang unified the six countries with "The Imperial Seal of the Country", and in the new era, the peaceful reunification of the Chinese nation with "Guotai Min An Hui Bao".




2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and it is also a crucial year for building a well-off society in an all-round way. In the 70-year period, China has leapt from a poor and weak country to the second largest economy in the world, and the historical span of comprehensive national strength has attracted worldwide attention. This year, the People's Navy and Air Force will celebrate their 70th anniversary. After 70 years of tempering, now, the domestic aircraft carrier has completed the sea trial and the J -20 has soared into the blue sky, etc., and the Chinese navy and air force are guarding the blue sea and blue sky of the motherland with stronger strength. At the same time, the heads of state of the second the belt and road initiative Summit Forum will gather in Beijing again, and Chang 'e-5 will fly to the moon again at the end of 2019.




When the country meets the prosperous times, it must be remembered with the emblem treasure, and when it is produced by the Forbidden City, it must go abroad. In 2019, Guotai Min 'an Huibao was born.



  • 匠心之作Ingenious work

精工之作 大国重器

Seiko's masterpiece, great country and heavy weapon


Master Guobao inherits his father's business and strengthens his alliance

中国工艺美术大师袁广如、中国玉石雕艺术大师袁霖父子强强联合,以传承中国数千年传统文化为基奠, 将徽宝玉玺的艺术价值、文物价值集于一身,再现中国文化中最璀璨的御玺文化。是故宫600年徽宝文化的巅峰之作,以国玺的规格制造的徽宝藏品,艺术价值里透出帝王的尊崇与霸气,是款稀世藏品。

Yuan Guangru, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, Yuan Lin, a master of Chinese jade carving art, and his son joined forces to inherit Chinese traditional culture for thousands of years, integrating the artistic value and cultural relic value of Huibao Yuxi, and reappearing the most splendid Yuxi culture in Chinese culture. It is the pinnacle of the 600-year-old Hui Bao culture in the Forbidden City. The Hui Bao treasure made with the specifications of the national seal reveals the respect and domineering of emperors in its artistic value and is a rare collection.




Master of creation




Master of Chinese arts and crafts


Grand Master of Beijing Arts and Crafts


Master Yuan Guangru has been engaged in jade carving for more than 50 years, and his research on jade culture and jade carving techniques is extremely profound. He is a gold-lettered signboard in Chinese jade carving industry. His works have won many top awards in jade carving, such as "Tiangong Award" and "Hundred Flowers Award", which proves his high status in Chinese jade carving industry.




Master of creation




Master of arts and crafts in Beijing


Master Yuan Lin is good at designing and making jade bottles, and his works have won many awards in domestic jade carving competitions. He studied under his father Yuan Guangru, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, and had profound insights into court jade carving and Chinese jade culture.



故宫出品 · 大师精雕

Master carving produced by the Forbidden City


Complete certificate


Take the glorious 70 years as the theme


Take jade as the carrier


Take jade as the carrier


  • 龙钮


Dragon button "Guotai Min 'an Huibao" dragon button-the seal button for the dumpling dragon spit beads, which means that the dragon travels the world and the Chinese dream is round, showing respect and domineering.

  • 印文


Yinwen The seal of "Guotai Min 'an Hui Bao" is "Guotai Min 'an", which means 70 years of glory and ushers in the prosperity of Guotai Min 'an.



  • 玺基正面

《国泰民安徽宝》玺基正面篆刻“ 四方安宁 ”字样。寓意新中国成立70周年取得的辉煌成就以及表达中华民族和平统一的心愿。

Seal base front The seal base of Guotai Min 'an Huibao is engraved with the words "Four Sides at Peace". It symbolizes the brilliant achievements of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and expresses the wish of the Chinese nation for peaceful reunification.



  • 玺基背面

《国泰民安徽宝》玺基背面镌刻隶书“五星出东方”。五星出东方是古人认为 五大行星同时出现在东方的时候,认为这是一种吉象。同时,这也表明中国将再次走向繁荣和富强。

Seal base back The official script "Five Stars Out of the East" is engraved on the back of the seal base of Guotai Min 'an Huibao. Five stars come out of the East when the ancients thought that the five planets appeared in the East at the same time, and they thought it was a kind of auspicious sign. At the same time, it also shows that China will once again become prosperous and strong.


Design implication


(Sapphire Edition)


Emperor's jade, noble atmosphere, town and residence, keep peace forever.




(Jasper Edition)


The jade of five virtues, the soul of China, is dignified and fresh, and nurtures people.


(Blue White Jade Edition)


The jade of prosperous times, which creates miracles repeatedly, has a color like coagulated fat, and its value is guaranteed.


Product specifications


Rare materials

  • 整玉选材Material selection of whole jade

  • 成品率低Low yield

  • 珍贵稀少Precious and rare


Jade mining is restricted by geographical conditions and mining tools, and large pieces of jade are very rare. In the production of Guotai Min 'an Huibao, because of the whole carving of jade, the requirements for jade quality and carvers are very strict, and every flaw needs to be avoided. If there is any carelessness, materials need to be re-selected and polished, resulting in low yield and limited distribution.





  • 玉雕重器 致敬时代Jade carving pays tribute to the times

  • 官方授权 权威敬献Officially authorized and authoritative dedication


Authorized by Beijing Forbidden City Cultural Service Center, it shows new works to the times and leaves a cultural mark. Fine products must be produced in the Forbidden City.




材质珍贵 工艺精湛

Precious materials and exquisite workmanship


  • 国之重器 传世精品Guo zhi zhong qi handed down boutique

  • 8000年玉文化与5000玉雕大师 匠心之作

  • 8000 years of jade culture and 5000 years of ingenuity of jade carving masters


With the combination of Chinese civilization, it is rich in artistic appreciation and cultural inheritance, and can be regarded as a masterpiece of Hetian jade handed down from ancient times in China.

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